Know first who you are and then adorn yourself accordingly - Epictetus

26 May 2011

Colour Coded

I seem to have hit upon a happy accident where my wardrobe seems to have neatly divided itself into two categories:
Thankfully these colour schemes both match my predominant fetish for buying anything black and my (totally unconscious) habit has now made getting dressed in the morning a lot easier, I simply pick the base piece of my outfit and match colours around it. For example, this is pretty much what I wore to work today (except I was too lazy to paint my nails). 

A Day Trip to Versailles
Having only worn the pants once since I bought them in January because the button fell off – I love Zara but really, one wear? – I repaired them last night and decided it was high time they got an airing before it got way to cold around here. They are the perfect length for the boots as they stop just above the ankle allowing for a very brief flash of skin above the suede.

For a long time my wardrobe has been almost exclusively denim, white and black with touches of red. It was a definite French-style theme that I was going for but I honestly thought no had even noticed – most of my boyfriend’s female friends dress fairly trashily so I’m really not their cup of tea in the style stakes – until a good friend of J’s (who is not in anyway gay or fashion conscious) turned to me at the pub one night and commented on how nice I always look, that he really liked the whole black, white and red thing I had going on and furthermore I should keep it up because it was nice to see someone dressed like an individual. Honestly, you could have knocked me down with a feather. It was a massive ego boost for starters and lets face it, all us minimalist girls love it when someone compliments us on our ‘uniforms’ right?

Well, since then I have bravely diversified into khaki (ever since I bought my previously discussed Zara blazer) and as a result I am currently happily ensconced in my vintage French military jacket (seen below on Frieda Gustavsson – yep no word of a lie we own the same jacket from the same store that specialises in vintage French uniforms on Rue du Rosier in Paris. I also have a navy 70’s police jacket from there) to which I have added a vintage silver fox fur collar that I bought a few weeks ago at a market… Albeit with a black, red and white outfit underneath ;)

We even have the same hair! Alas, my legs are not this good. image source: fashion chopper

What’s the best compliment you’ve had on your style?

19 May 2011

Taa Daa!

Apologies for the slight hiatus I was buried under a pile of work and once I managed to dig my way out I found myself hit by a wall of uni assignments. Fun. For some demented reason, after writing my Honours thesis I thought that doing my Masters was a good idea. I am still trying to remember why. At least I had the presence of mind to choose to do course work instead of a dissertation. *Sigh.* Still not out of the woods yet – two assignments left for the semester – but at least work has calmed down a little… for now.

I have recently found myself lusting after a Celine Nano bag with such force I am rather glad there are no stores in my city - the closest is Singapore but I refuse to stoop to begging my brother’s girlfriend to go and buy me one. I had the chance to buy one in London but I had just, only hours before, purchased this eye searingly bright baby:
image source: (the colour on screen does not do it justice)

So I thought I should slow down. Besides, they only had green or black and I want one of these perfectly formed little honeys:
image source: tumblr
Now, the rational side of brain is telling me that I in no way shape or form require this bag. However I would at least like to see it and try it on before I decide which way to jump. I find that, often, holding a much fantasized about item is enough to kill the lust especially when it doesn’t live up to expectations.

I am also slightly worried about myself. Part of me wonders whether I really want it because I like it in terms of design, form, function etc or because I have seen it being lugged around by various fashion editors and hangers on. Don’t get me wrong, I am in love with the colour scheme (case in point: I am currently wearing these exact colours) but I could just as easily get a bag from a cheaper brand in the same tones, I’ve definitely seen a few hanging around. But it wouldn’t have those handles… or that strap… or that neat gold lettering. The price tag isn’t so much an issue, I am in the blessed position of having not progressed into the world of full adulthood (perhaps another reason I chose to remain at uni…?) even though I work full time and contribute to family expenses, so I would be able to save up after a few months of frugality (re: no more iced chocolate lattes or impromptu yum cha dates or trips to the Southern Highlands). And then there is my slightly demented desire to leave a fabulously curated stash of designer items for my future daughter (yes, singular. I want one girl and a stack of boys) and granddaughters. Odd I know, but once J and I get married it will be a hard slog of house buying, child rearing and career maintaining, so the desire to treat myself now, while I can afford to splurge, is pretty intense.

I really hope this doesn’t sound too selfish but I also really want to be the cool stylish mum for my kids rather than one of the one-tracksuit-wonders that seem to populate the school where my mother teaches. A horrible statement I know, seeing I have no idea how hard it is to be a mother – I will witness it first hand soon enough as my very close friend is due in a few months – but I have always worked hard to carefully maintain what I see as a classic style and I hate the thought of being too tired to maintain my own appearance as well as my children’s.

Is it wrong that I see this bag as the epitome of my desired future mum-style even though it will be at least five years until I procreate (touch wood)? And, honestly, I need some opinions here ladies: do you think this bag is worth it?

5 May 2011

We Reach the First Hurdle...

…and the horse decides to wander off to the side of the track to graze. I had finished my shopping for the season. Honest. I had everything I needed for this fall and only two things on my list for the next season:

-suede boots
-leather shorts-faux leather skirt
-black merino sweater

-white silk shirt
-black cropped pants

But all the while I have been nursing a secret crush on fleurette’s APC sweater (seen here in all it’s stripy perfection). But being unable to find something even remotely similar, in a nice semi-heavy fabric for winter, I had struck it off the list… that was until a chance search of NAP, due to their recent free postage offer, led me to meet this little piece of perfection:

Aubin & Wills Chedburgh Striped Merino Wool Sweater

And at only 83 pounds I was staring down the barrel at some serious lust-and-found. So despite all my protestations that I had absolutely stopped shopping for autumn, I whipped out my credit card and hit purchase.

So over dramatic I know, but it arrived today and it could not be more perfect nor the weather be more perfect for it – today being the first really cold day of the season. So this is how I am wearing it:
A Cool Autumn Afternoon at Cafe Florian

I have so far gotten lots of compliments on the red touches at the sleeves and base and I have to admit that I adore it – the merino is super soft and not it the least scratchy – and I will be happily wearing this for many years to come.

Have you guys given in to lust and come up trumps? Or have you ended up regretting it?