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5 May 2011

We Reach the First Hurdle...

…and the horse decides to wander off to the side of the track to graze. I had finished my shopping for the season. Honest. I had everything I needed for this fall and only two things on my list for the next season:

-suede boots
-leather shorts-faux leather skirt
-black merino sweater

-white silk shirt
-black cropped pants

But all the while I have been nursing a secret crush on fleurette’s APC sweater (seen here in all it’s stripy perfection). But being unable to find something even remotely similar, in a nice semi-heavy fabric for winter, I had struck it off the list… that was until a chance search of NAP, due to their recent free postage offer, led me to meet this little piece of perfection:

Aubin & Wills Chedburgh Striped Merino Wool Sweater

And at only 83 pounds I was staring down the barrel at some serious lust-and-found. So despite all my protestations that I had absolutely stopped shopping for autumn, I whipped out my credit card and hit purchase.

So over dramatic I know, but it arrived today and it could not be more perfect nor the weather be more perfect for it – today being the first really cold day of the season. So this is how I am wearing it:
A Cool Autumn Afternoon at Cafe Florian

I have so far gotten lots of compliments on the red touches at the sleeves and base and I have to admit that I adore it – the merino is super soft and not it the least scratchy – and I will be happily wearing this for many years to come.

Have you guys given in to lust and come up trumps? Or have you ended up regretting it?


  1. That's such a great sweater! It's just so strange how you're shopping for autumn, I'm so glad spring is finally here! I love the country road boots, wish I could find them here. I have the Dicker boots, but would love these in black. It seems like Country Road has a lot of nice stuff.

  2. Whenever I purchase something I've been seriously debating for a long while - because I love it but it's more expensive than what I would usually buy - it ends up being a good choice & I wear it for years.
    I think that sweater is a classic! The red touches set it apart a little.

  3. About 4 years ago I was on a family trip to Ireland. My mum and grandad took us and we spent most of the time visiting relatives dotted around the country so I didn't have to spend much, so on my last day there I spent basically all my money (120 euro i think) on some white doc marten mid-calf boots with a greeny-grey barbed wire/vine leaf pattern on them. It was love at first sight and at the time the most I'd ever spent on footwear, but so worth it. They go with nothing, I wear them with everything, and in terms of cost per wear they're probably the best value shoes I've ever had. Sometimes the impulsive works out. I think it works best if you're not in the habit of impulsive buying, actually. If you're used to craving the rush of buying things it might be that you really want. If you don't tend to shop or don't actually LIKE to shop, you know the impulse you're feeling is towards the item, not the act of purchasing it.

  4. agree with Garderoben - that's a great sweater. i do have certain wishlist items that i obsess over for a long, long time, but if it's a pricey item i'll make sure it's not an impulse buy before i put it on the list. it also helps that i try not to purchase a wishlist item in a online helps too!

  5. Garderoben: I am so excited its cold! After weeks of 40+ it is down to 10-15C and I love it! Country Road does good stuff for a chain so does their sister brand Trenery. Let me know if I can help hook you up ;) though the Australian eBay isn't too bad for picking up some bargains.

    Adele: It is an instant wardrobe hit :) this baby isn't going anywhere :) Haha. I too think about expensive items for a long long time, I'm given to 5 minute obsessions so its a necessity these days.

    Alanarama: I love docs but they just don't suit me :( Yours sound gorgeous however, I love the idea of juxtaposing them with your other clothing. Unfortunately I am a massive impulse buyer so I usually block out moments like this but I figure I did a good thing this time. lol.

    Miss Sophie: I totally agree on the online shopping thing. I'm much less likely to do something dumb if I'm at home/work whereas in store it's like I get possessed by the urge to buy something even if it's actually quite ugly. Haha

  6. Oh, my. Your blog is fantastic. It is in my favorites list.

    I do love the vertical stripes, and Fleurette's blog has been largely responsible for that. They do suit her.

    I just finished writing about the idea of the uniform and would love to know your reponse is in regard to whether it is becoming a trend in itself or if it is becoming a fashion-revolution.


    -La Copine


  7. Miss Sophie: I love online shopping. Sometimes the pressure from SAs in-store is unbearable, though I find taking my mother to tell me if something is ugly or not worth the price (she is a very good sewer) definitely helps!

    Mari: thanks :) I'll definitely check out your blog

  8. Your sweater is fantastic. I love the touch of red at the bottom.It truly sets it apart in a sea of stripey sweaters:)

  9. Thanks Lindsay :) it is insanely comfortable too! I think I will be living in it all winter


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