Know first who you are and then adorn yourself accordingly - Epictetus

22 August 2011

Like a Cat...

Every now and again I buy completely out there things that can in no way shape or form be considered ‘pared back’ but I still like to think of them as ‘classics’. A prime example of this is my leopard print faux fur coat. It is gorgeous and I love it, a real wardrobe ‘hero’ so to speak. I found it at a vintage fair I was attending and I like to think it was fate that led me to it. I had been stalking eBay for a number of weeks but nothing was really what I wanted or was just phenomenally expensive. US$8000 for a real leopard skin coat? No. Just, no. On so many levels, no. In any case most of the ones I spotted (no pun intended) were really furry. Like Animal-the-Muppet-style furry and I have no desire to look like a teddy bear. I know a two-year-old with one of those super furry leopard jackets, she looks super cute. I would look ridiculous.

So anyway, I was faffing around trying on some hilarious vintage hats when I spotted it. It was perfect. Late 50s/early 60s boxy style, cropped sleeves, furry but with a close trimmed pile and small spots. Even better it had big leather covered buttons. Like the kind my dad has on all his height of fashion 70s cardigans. In other words: leopard print perfection. And it fit like a glove. I remember standing there like an idiot staring into space and wondering how close the nearest cash-point was when the shop owner came up to me and said these magic words “It’s $110 but if you’re undecided I can knock it down to $90?” I think I may have actually squealed out loud. Very embarrassing. I couldn’t get a good photo so you will have to imagine how it looks… Sort of a cross between these two beauties:
source: teen vogue
source: the gloss

And when I wear it I feel like this:
source: handbag fairy

Or this:
source: glamamor

Or even this:
source: delicatessen!

(I’m slightly hyper today, in case you hadn’t noticed)

On a more serious level, I find that the kind of wardrobe I am aiming for needs to have the occasional stand out or hero piece to stop it from stultifying. As mush as I love my new pared back approach, I sometimes want to be a bit frivolous and that is where this coat comes in. Not that I wear it out with a vinyl catsuit and matching leopard print stilettos… Though that would be quite a sight to see I would imagine. Haha. Underneath my clothes are the same, usually my black merino sweater and a black pencil skirt or my new(ish) black pants for work or over jeans and a tee for casual. It also looks pretty cool over shorts with tights and loafers for a bit of a grunge twist if I’m feeling that way inclined. But mostly I love the sense of old school glamour it instils in my wardrobe, I certainly always feel elegant when I wear it. And let’s face it ladies, it’s not like leopard is going out of style anytime soon!

Is there something in your wardrobe that is a real standout that you just love? Or even just makes your feel a bit screen goddess-ish?

16 August 2011

A Break in Transmission

With all the horror happening around us in the world right now somehow this particular tragedy has slipped past under the radar.

"Convoys of minibuses are making the trip back and forth from the Somali border to refugee camps in Ethiopia, as people flee the worst famine in years.
UNHCR Head of Emergency Operations Jo Hegenauer said the death rates in the camps are 'extremely high and they worry everyone'."

"Figures are as high as ten per day in some camps.
'If we don't respond quikly to this..I think we're going to have serious long term problems', he said.
The UN warned last week that almost 10 million people in the Horn of Africa are facing a humanitarian emergency as the region struggles to deal with its worst drought for 60 years." - SBS News

Why are none of these images on the news?


Please donate all you can to the UNHCR or your charity of choice. Does it matter if you can't buy those new shoes with this pay check? As little as US$150 can buy an Emergency Assistance Package to give a family the essentials for survival and shelter

10 August 2011

Inspiration for Life and Wardrobe V3.0

I was recently browsing the What Elle Wears blog and was pleasantly surprised by the pared-back style that most of the staff was rocking. I suppose I shouldn't be shocked, but having based most of my fashion-office-wear assumptions on The Devil Wears Prada and various streetstyle photos of editors wandering around at fashion week, I was expecting something a little more intense and 'fashion-y'.

By far the stand out for me is the style of Emma Sells, the fashion features director. Pared back, lots of my favourites: shirts, blazers and brogues, in a healthy mix of high street with a touch of upscale designer thrown in for good measure.

all images:
Inspired, I wore my khaki pants rolled up at the ankle with my brogues today. Loving it.

Who's style are you girls loving right now?

31 July 2011

A Few Things to Consider

 “French women don't try to look like anyone else other than themselves. They know who they are and make the most of what they have.”  
Nathalie Rykiel, daughter of designer Sonya Rykiel.
source: i like, i wish, i heart
There have been a few very interesting posts floating around in the last week or so about people stopping shopping all together or even just moving away from the whole 4-5 piece French wardrobe concept in an effect to curb their spending (again). And I have to say I feel a fair amount of affinity for what these girls are saying. I too set out on my blogging journey in an effort to define my personal style uniform and cure my chain-store-tourettes. And my bad habit of accumulating clothes in a manner that vastly resembles that of a schizophrenic monkey on acid. But I feel like I have gotten a little lost on the journey and I am struggling to prevent this blog from turning into a shopping list of things that I think should belong in the perfect “French Woman’s Wardrobe” rather than the search for style that it was always meant to be. Although I believe I have achieved a slight victory though in cutting down my accumulation of crap for the sake of shopping – my mother commented rather archly the other day, while listening to the news, that the current woe the local retail market is suffering has mysteriously coincided with my shopping hiatus. Very funny mum.

source: the fash pack
So let’s look at what I have bought this year:

-White silk shirt
-Blue checked shirt
-Merino boat-neck black jumper
-Merino boat-neck grey jumper
-Merino Breton jumper
-Merino panelled plum jumper
-Linen navy/gray stripe top
-Black wool/linen pants
-Leather shorts ($10 vintage eBay DIY)
-Faux leather ra-ra skirt (another eBay bargain)
-Taupe suede boots

Also some staples/replacements:
-Black loafers
-Breton tops x 4
-Jeans x 2
-Grey tee
-White tee

I can honestly say that for everything that I have added I have culled much more chaff. Some things were replacements – the loafers replaced a very dead pair of black ballets for example – and some things signified a slight realignment of my style back to what suits me and what I actually enjoy wearing. Having mostly avoided shirts, due to the aforementioned difficultly with my womanly parts, I have since embraced them with gusto – despite the current cold snap requiring constant scarf wearing, resulting in irritatingly squashed collars. In fact the only item I have not worn to death since I bought it is the linen top but that is because, after I bought it, the weather instantly became too cold to wear it and the shape doesn’t lend itself to wearing as an additional layer during our sub-zero mornings.

source: the cheap girl
Unfortunately, what I notice most is that there are still way more things on this list than I am happy with – for seven months of controlled shopping at any rate. In fact, I’m not sure that I am really shopping less, one of the aims I set out when I started this blog. However, that said, I am definitely shopping smarter. Every item on this list is honestly something that I will wear until it is threadbare and falling apart. While not everything is classic – ra-ra skirt and leather short I’m looking at you – they all fit together to make a definite style uniform that I am proud of and am fully utilising. On Friday night for example, there was no prevaricating over what I would wear out for dinner and drinks, no staring at my wardrobe thinking desperately ‘I should have bought something new’. Instead I instantly reached for my trusty high-waisted black jeans, my white silk shirt and my khaki blazer. Add to that some heels, a big colourful scarf to protect from the cold and the gorgeous (early birthday gift) necklace my good friend had given me earlier that day and I was good to go. Sure the other girls were more – for want of a better word – flashy than I, but I felt great: confident and sexy. And ultimately that was my aim when I set out on this little journey. No more stressing about my wardrobe and having ‘nothing’ to wear and certainly no feeling uncomfortable and out of place because my outfit was unbecoming and/or not my style.
An Evening at Chez Dumonet

All in all I have noticed a refocus in my attitude, now when I walk through most shops I don’t see fun, on-trend, must-haves. I see cheap, poorly-made, future-landfill.  A bleak outlook sure, but ultimately my style (and my wallet) will thank me for it... I think!
Have you ever had a major style rethink?
And was it worth it in the end?

 “French girls know themselves; they don't follow trends.” 
Lou Doillon
source: oh... a sparkle

29 July 2011

Inspiration for Life and Wardrobe V2.0

source: streetfsn
I have an undeniable urge to buy striped ribbon and do this to my all my trousers, especially the black, gray and khaki pairs. It is so immeasurably cool, shame I don't have the Louboutins to match too. Haha
source: stockholm streetstyle
I'm digging her relaxed jumpsuit and blazer look. I have a similar one that I rock in summer - mine has no sleeves and cropped legs - but maybe with a black blazer it would work for spring too. Thoughts?

source: google images
Surely the coolest girl to ever rock a white tee and black pencil skirt? Bladerunner is a must-see in my book

source: tumblr
I have developed an obsession with androgyny recently. I love the juxtaposition of the neat blazer, tie and collar combo with her tousled hair.

source: style sightings
This is the colour combo I will be rocking this summer. I haven't been able to get it out of my head since spotting a girl in the Botanic Gardens in Singapore wearing a Breton top with mustard coloured shorts.

source: street food blog
I'm off to eat Turkish food and drink lots of red wine at my favourite restaurant with my favourite people tonight.

Hope you all have a rockin weekend planned too...

28 July 2011


image source: why so sad blog

Next time I say I want to buy something on eBay feel free to cut off my hands and confiscate my credit cards. That’s right, I got scammed. Big time. Remember this post? Well all my excitement turned to dust and unmitigated cursing once the bag arrived. It was fake. All my careful planning and messages too and fro with the seller were meaningless: the receipt was genuine, the bag was not. As far as I can tell this unscrupulous person carried around a fake Celine luggage tote until they could afford to purchase a real one then promptly flogged the fake one off to little old me with the receipt from the real one in order to cover the cost. It is all I can do to not insert a string of expletives here. (Be assured that should we meet in person I will slip expletives into my sentences as casually as a drunken sailor. It’s a bad habit.) Well, anyway, that eBay seller can kiss my nether end because today Paypal fully refunded my money. So at least there is a semi-happy ending.

24 July 2011

No Words Will Ever Make This Ok

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Norway right now. No one deserves this suffering and the death of innocent people is never justified whether it is in Europe, Africa or the Middle East. There is too much pain and suffering in this world of ours.

21 July 2011

Treasure Hunters

Apologies for the slight hiatus ladies, the weather has been so miserable that I just feel like sleeping. Plus I feel like I have hardly been at home! After going to Melbourne I took off to the country to visit my brother and my two gorgeous nieces – one is 3 and a proper ratbag at times and the other is 4 months and so beautiful it hurts. I was teaching the baby to poke her tongue out and she was laughing so hard she was all chubby cheeks and toothless gums. Too cute!

But back to Melbourne and my so far elusive search for the perfect black pants. In the past this search has always proved a struggle – too long, too short, too tight or too baggy. Many times I have given in and just bought a pair out of desperation, only to give them away to a friend or to charity after a year of non-use. I lay my frustration firmly at the feet of the clothing companies that steadfastly refuse to churn out anything other than skimpy hip-hugging pants (for a suit? Really?) or wide legged monstrosities that, unless they are worn with a skin tight top (again, office appropriate? Not with my assets), make one resemble the rear of a bus. No thanks. I know exactly what I am looking for: black, pleated, structured fabric, cropped to the ankle. I have found the right cut many times but there is no way this side of the apocalypse I will ever been seen anywhere in pants made from jersey. Jersey pants are like leggings: not real pants (unless you have the body of a supermodel, then you are legally allowed to wear whatever the hell you want). But I digress. While doing some online research for the grand girl’s weekend, I compiled a list of potential black pants candidates: three pairs that were the right cut and the right fabric but obviously needed to be closely examined for the inevitable flaws…

Except, this time, I hit gold with the first pair. Unbelievable! Where have these pants been my whole life??? They were exactly the shape I was after in a wool/linen blend that is just thick enough for winter but will also breathe sufficiently for the warmer Spring months before the insane summer heat sets in and I refuse to wear anything other than shorts or sundresses. But not only do they look great they are insanely comfortable. I think I wore them four times last week alone! Haha.
black sucks for seeing detail but they have front pleats and tabs on the waistband to pull them in or loosen them - good for after yum cha! source: country road
I also snapped up something I had been contemplating for a while – a plum coloured knit. I loved the colour but was slightly scarred from years of maroon school uniforms to wear it before now. The colour itself is quite neutral, fitting in well with my current wardrobe colour scheme, but also colourful enough to add a little something to my current winter palette of black, white, cream, grey and navy. As with my favourite crimson red pashmina, it adds a little pop without creating too much of a statement – unlike my hot pink pashmina, for which I really need to be in the mood to have everyone stare at me. Teehee.

i love the extra detail in this knit - frontal inside-out seams, shoulder panels and the cuffs are a smaller looser weave knit to the body. source: country road
Unfortunately it wasn’t all sunshiny. The leopard shoes were totally the wrong shape for my feet and actually extremely uncomfortable and difficult to walk in – and I am a well practiced heel wearer! This was a total bummer as I had to go to six different stockists before I found my size, only to be disappointed. *Sigh.* I was rather proud of myself though, in the past I would have just bought them anyway and hoped for the best. It was a small victory but a victory nonetheless! I did find these others by the same brand:

source: tony bianco

However I am still unsure of the shape. I really had my heart set on the pointed ones despite the fact that these suit my feet extremely well and are much more comfortable.

Have you ever compromised on something and found a better investment? Or did you always regret not waiting for the perfect one?

4 July 2011

Inspiration for Life and Wardrobe

I have decided to throw in the odd inspiration post in order to do something slightly constructive with the glut of stylish images clogging up my hard drive. This is what is inspiring me today:
Brady Cunningham's Home (source:
I have so many books that it is getting a little out of hand. So I am always looking for ways to turn my cluttered shelves into something more like an art installation. I currently have a white ceramic skull wearing a race day hat and little white ghost figurines (they're supposed to be salt and pepper shakers but whatever)

source: tumblr
The never ending search for the perfect black heels and the perfect black cigarette pants. This lady just nailed it.

source: tumblr
I wish I could ride a bike to work everyday... No chance as I work miles from where I live and in potentially the least bicycle-friendly city on earth.

source: no idea
I want to dress like Amelia Earhart. This version. Not the big-fluffy-collared Burberry interpretation.

source: tumblr
Hermes. Be still my beating heart.

30 June 2011

A Little Variation...

click image for source... and a delicious recipe
So a little detour from the usual ranting about my wardrobe… I am inventing cupcake recipes for one of my editors to publish (mmmmm delicious… and I get paid for it!) but I am running a little low on inspiration. So far I have chocolate cupcakes with a gooey choc-peppermint centre and peppermint frosting and vanilla cupcakes with salted caramel ganache centres and vanilla bean frosting.

Now, my question to you ladies is: what would be your ultimate cupcake flavour? Let your imaginations run wild… If I can successfully invent it then I will post the recipes for you to have a crack at.

Hopefully you guys are a little more inventive than my friends who managed: Rum & Coke and Bourbon & Cornflakes. They’re not alcoholics I swear! Haha.

My Jolly Sailor Bold

Apologies for being such a useless blogger recently, I have been totally snowed under and a little lacking in inspiration. *Sigh* I was also out of the office last week at a trade show for work and seeing as though I do most of my blogging from there I just haven’t found the time – my family, god bless them, is extremely nosy and this little project is just for me, as silly as that seems.

My outfits have been really pared back recently. Today I’m wearing my favourite Breton top, a black cardigan and a grey double breasted blazer. It’s freezing so I also have an enormous black pashmina wrapped around me. As far as pants go, like Lin I also recently pulled out a pair of old favourites in the jeans department. I have a cupboard full of jeans, I love them and I will live in them until I die. While they are mostly standard colours and styles, some pairs are special. A few years ago I had to fly to London at very late notice for a family funeral and in order to distract myself I went shopping. It was the first time I discovered Uniqlo and their multicoloured denim was a revelation. Not because of the bright colours but because of the slightly washed out and vintage-esque treatment of the denim. I bought a pink pair and a purple pair and wore them to death with simple white tees and black/leopard print ballets all summer. The time in which I was wearing these jeans was a bit of a style revolution for me, I cut my waist length hair into a pixie bob and stopped wearing anything remotely girly in an effort to finally define my own self and my own style. I had wanted to dress more androgynously for a while but was afraid of the backlash, in the end I decided that anyone who wanted to poke fun and call me a dyke just wasn’t worth listening to anyway.
House Hunting on the Rive Gauche

These two pairs of jeans were my uniform for a whole season and it felt a bit strange to wear the pink ones again today, like I was slipping a bit back into my insecure old self, unsure of how people would react to my style statement. It’s funny though, when I wore them the first time I got hardly any comments about the colour – my uni was in a very bohemian part of the city so I was dressed rather tamely – but now in an office situation all I have heard is: “Wow, pink pants”. Thankfully it was mostly followed by: “Cool” or “I really like them”. I guess after 10 months my co-workers are finally coming to terms with my dress sense – the leather shorts raised the most eyebrows – and I am eternally grateful that I work in a professional environment that embraces everything from suits to pink jeans and battered biker boots.

What have you guys dug up recently that brings back memories, good or bad?

 PS. the title is because I saw Pirates 4 last night. Love the mermaids! Oh and I tried to post this yesterday but Blogger freaked out.

19 June 2011

Holiday Sport

Every year my mother and I used to go on a trip to Melbourne. It was a fun-filled shopping and eating orgy that unavoidably ended in my buying a load of crap from outlet stores for the simple reason that it was cheap. The sad part is that I always planned some purchases in amongst the crap and I was incredibly successful with some of my key purchases, the best two being my black trench and my black pea coat, both of which I still live in years later.

Last year we went to New York instead and I was incredibly self-restrained – despite having an awful lot of money to spend. I stuck to my list, I got pretty much exactly what I wanted and all of the things are still in my wardrobe on high rotation. What really bough home the quality vs. quantity thing for me was the number of times I wandered in and out of H&M trying desperately to buy something. The moment I walked into Zara I picked up, tried on and subsequently bought my favourite olive green blazer (it is still going strong despite constant use) but as hard as I looked, I didn’t even try anything on in H&M. The fabrics were wrong, the cut was odd or it was just not my style at all. And I found that in Europe again just this Christmas/New Year gone. Since dedicating myself to sticking to my personal style no matter what the price/fashionability I have found that cheap shops like H&M overseas and Sportsgirl (not that it’s that cheap anymore) just do not hold any appeal for me anymore. And I was previously a slave to the altar of fast fashion.

So this year I am off for a quick – girls only – jaunt to Melbourne again. But with a very tight list in hand. I only need black pants – fast becoming the bane of my existence – and maybe some leopard print heels. This is another item that has been on the list for a long time. I found a gorgeous pair but, by the time I ummed and erred, they were all sold out. *Sigh*. I’m not really fond of the trashy connotations of leopard print I love the idea of going out in a Le Smoking suit with a crisp white shirt and leopard heels. Like this:

source: Le Laid

I have found many other pairs but they just don’t match up… until now. I haven’t tried them on but I will do a gratuitous posing shot if I do buy them. Fingers crossed!
source: Tony Bianco

8 June 2011

The Perfect Shirt

I’ve mentioned before that I really struggle to find shirts. A genetic curse blessing means that I could give any self respecting Penthouse Pet some healthy competition. Like most things it has upsides (getting served instantaneously at any bar) and downsides (my first trip to Italy as a 17-year-old had me convinced I no longer had a face) but by far the worst factor is that fashion is not made for women with breasts – there is a very good reason why runway models never have any. In fact, a quick flick through the archives shows the depressing fact that the last decade in which fashion was made for the busty was… wait for it… the 1950s. It seems I am a mere 60 years too late for the ideal fashion for my body shape.

image sources: tumblr
But I digress.

Shirts. In most stores I am practically in plus sizes before I can get one to button up without straining so much it looks like I have imprisoned several small mammals under my shirt and am attempting to smuggle them out of the store. There are few exceptions to this rule. Equipment is my glory brand. Their Signature style is not only sufficiently loosely fitted that they look amazing but their silk is also thick enough that it not only covers up the mast and rigging that keeps my chest resolutely in the chest area (rather than around my naval) but looks damn flattering in the process.

The second brand whose shirts I have fallen in love with is a local brand that is resolutely aimed at middle aged women. Apparently, middle aged women have rather a lot more going on in the upper torso regions than people my own age. Score! The store was even having a sale just last week and when I tried on this shirt, I promptly wore it out of the store. 

image source:

It is a lot brighter than anything I have worn in a while but so comfy. I think I have finally found the cotton shirts for me and this little pumpkin has slotted in quite nicely with the rest of my ‘uniform’. Hurrah.

26 May 2011

Colour Coded

I seem to have hit upon a happy accident where my wardrobe seems to have neatly divided itself into two categories:
Thankfully these colour schemes both match my predominant fetish for buying anything black and my (totally unconscious) habit has now made getting dressed in the morning a lot easier, I simply pick the base piece of my outfit and match colours around it. For example, this is pretty much what I wore to work today (except I was too lazy to paint my nails). 

A Day Trip to Versailles
Having only worn the pants once since I bought them in January because the button fell off – I love Zara but really, one wear? – I repaired them last night and decided it was high time they got an airing before it got way to cold around here. They are the perfect length for the boots as they stop just above the ankle allowing for a very brief flash of skin above the suede.

For a long time my wardrobe has been almost exclusively denim, white and black with touches of red. It was a definite French-style theme that I was going for but I honestly thought no had even noticed – most of my boyfriend’s female friends dress fairly trashily so I’m really not their cup of tea in the style stakes – until a good friend of J’s (who is not in anyway gay or fashion conscious) turned to me at the pub one night and commented on how nice I always look, that he really liked the whole black, white and red thing I had going on and furthermore I should keep it up because it was nice to see someone dressed like an individual. Honestly, you could have knocked me down with a feather. It was a massive ego boost for starters and lets face it, all us minimalist girls love it when someone compliments us on our ‘uniforms’ right?

Well, since then I have bravely diversified into khaki (ever since I bought my previously discussed Zara blazer) and as a result I am currently happily ensconced in my vintage French military jacket (seen below on Frieda Gustavsson – yep no word of a lie we own the same jacket from the same store that specialises in vintage French uniforms on Rue du Rosier in Paris. I also have a navy 70’s police jacket from there) to which I have added a vintage silver fox fur collar that I bought a few weeks ago at a market… Albeit with a black, red and white outfit underneath ;)

We even have the same hair! Alas, my legs are not this good. image source: fashion chopper

What’s the best compliment you’ve had on your style?

19 May 2011

Taa Daa!

Apologies for the slight hiatus I was buried under a pile of work and once I managed to dig my way out I found myself hit by a wall of uni assignments. Fun. For some demented reason, after writing my Honours thesis I thought that doing my Masters was a good idea. I am still trying to remember why. At least I had the presence of mind to choose to do course work instead of a dissertation. *Sigh.* Still not out of the woods yet – two assignments left for the semester – but at least work has calmed down a little… for now.

I have recently found myself lusting after a Celine Nano bag with such force I am rather glad there are no stores in my city - the closest is Singapore but I refuse to stoop to begging my brother’s girlfriend to go and buy me one. I had the chance to buy one in London but I had just, only hours before, purchased this eye searingly bright baby:
image source: (the colour on screen does not do it justice)

So I thought I should slow down. Besides, they only had green or black and I want one of these perfectly formed little honeys:
image source: tumblr
Now, the rational side of brain is telling me that I in no way shape or form require this bag. However I would at least like to see it and try it on before I decide which way to jump. I find that, often, holding a much fantasized about item is enough to kill the lust especially when it doesn’t live up to expectations.

I am also slightly worried about myself. Part of me wonders whether I really want it because I like it in terms of design, form, function etc or because I have seen it being lugged around by various fashion editors and hangers on. Don’t get me wrong, I am in love with the colour scheme (case in point: I am currently wearing these exact colours) but I could just as easily get a bag from a cheaper brand in the same tones, I’ve definitely seen a few hanging around. But it wouldn’t have those handles… or that strap… or that neat gold lettering. The price tag isn’t so much an issue, I am in the blessed position of having not progressed into the world of full adulthood (perhaps another reason I chose to remain at uni…?) even though I work full time and contribute to family expenses, so I would be able to save up after a few months of frugality (re: no more iced chocolate lattes or impromptu yum cha dates or trips to the Southern Highlands). And then there is my slightly demented desire to leave a fabulously curated stash of designer items for my future daughter (yes, singular. I want one girl and a stack of boys) and granddaughters. Odd I know, but once J and I get married it will be a hard slog of house buying, child rearing and career maintaining, so the desire to treat myself now, while I can afford to splurge, is pretty intense.

I really hope this doesn’t sound too selfish but I also really want to be the cool stylish mum for my kids rather than one of the one-tracksuit-wonders that seem to populate the school where my mother teaches. A horrible statement I know, seeing I have no idea how hard it is to be a mother – I will witness it first hand soon enough as my very close friend is due in a few months – but I have always worked hard to carefully maintain what I see as a classic style and I hate the thought of being too tired to maintain my own appearance as well as my children’s.

Is it wrong that I see this bag as the epitome of my desired future mum-style even though it will be at least five years until I procreate (touch wood)? And, honestly, I need some opinions here ladies: do you think this bag is worth it?

5 May 2011

We Reach the First Hurdle...

…and the horse decides to wander off to the side of the track to graze. I had finished my shopping for the season. Honest. I had everything I needed for this fall and only two things on my list for the next season:

-suede boots
-leather shorts-faux leather skirt
-black merino sweater

-white silk shirt
-black cropped pants

But all the while I have been nursing a secret crush on fleurette’s APC sweater (seen here in all it’s stripy perfection). But being unable to find something even remotely similar, in a nice semi-heavy fabric for winter, I had struck it off the list… that was until a chance search of NAP, due to their recent free postage offer, led me to meet this little piece of perfection:

Aubin & Wills Chedburgh Striped Merino Wool Sweater

And at only 83 pounds I was staring down the barrel at some serious lust-and-found. So despite all my protestations that I had absolutely stopped shopping for autumn, I whipped out my credit card and hit purchase.

So over dramatic I know, but it arrived today and it could not be more perfect nor the weather be more perfect for it – today being the first really cold day of the season. So this is how I am wearing it:
A Cool Autumn Afternoon at Cafe Florian

I have so far gotten lots of compliments on the red touches at the sleeves and base and I have to admit that I adore it – the merino is super soft and not it the least scratchy – and I will be happily wearing this for many years to come.

Have you guys given in to lust and come up trumps? Or have you ended up regretting it?