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16 August 2011

A Break in Transmission

With all the horror happening around us in the world right now somehow this particular tragedy has slipped past under the radar.

"Convoys of minibuses are making the trip back and forth from the Somali border to refugee camps in Ethiopia, as people flee the worst famine in years.
UNHCR Head of Emergency Operations Jo Hegenauer said the death rates in the camps are 'extremely high and they worry everyone'."

"Figures are as high as ten per day in some camps.
'If we don't respond quikly to this..I think we're going to have serious long term problems', he said.
The UN warned last week that almost 10 million people in the Horn of Africa are facing a humanitarian emergency as the region struggles to deal with its worst drought for 60 years." - SBS News

Why are none of these images on the news?


Please donate all you can to the UNHCR or your charity of choice. Does it matter if you can't buy those new shoes with this pay check? As little as US$150 can buy an Emergency Assistance Package to give a family the essentials for survival and shelter


  1. Thank you for posting this. It's heartbreaking to see this happening in this day in age.. I get enraged just thinking about it. Giving back is much more important and rewarding than material goods.

  2. I am just so frustrated and saddened by the silence. But I was encouraged to hope when I heard that the aid agencies are encouraging and assisting families to start up micro-businesses in the biggest refugee camp - there are some 400 000 people there.
    Our national broadcaster over here also launched an appeal last week and it's close to $2million now. It's not enough but far better than nothing.

  3. on a hopeful note, i just saw Iman speaking to CNN about the disaster and her efforts to get funds to aid the situation. and american deisgner Thakoon is giving 100% of the proceeds of a special edition design to the relief efforts. so it's not total silence, thankfully.

  4. Really? Awesome :) I wonder how much of a certain Kardashian's earnings from flogging her wedding will go to feeding the children? Hmph.


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