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10 August 2011

Inspiration for Life and Wardrobe V3.0

I was recently browsing the What Elle Wears blog and was pleasantly surprised by the pared-back style that most of the staff was rocking. I suppose I shouldn't be shocked, but having based most of my fashion-office-wear assumptions on The Devil Wears Prada and various streetstyle photos of editors wandering around at fashion week, I was expecting something a little more intense and 'fashion-y'.

By far the stand out for me is the style of Emma Sells, the fashion features director. Pared back, lots of my favourites: shirts, blazers and brogues, in a healthy mix of high street with a touch of upscale designer thrown in for good measure.

all images:
Inspired, I wore my khaki pants rolled up at the ankle with my brogues today. Loving it.

Who's style are you girls loving right now?


  1. Oh I love the Elle blog - it always seems as though it's the interns who try the hardest to be 'fashiony', everyone else generally seems to be true to their own style. I also quite like the beauty editor's style - Amy Lawerenson.

  2. Elle UK does great little write-ups on what the staff wears every month, and I am always relieved to see that they're not all avant-garde fashion superheroines. And that they shop on the high street as well! :)


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