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4 July 2011

Inspiration for Life and Wardrobe

I have decided to throw in the odd inspiration post in order to do something slightly constructive with the glut of stylish images clogging up my hard drive. This is what is inspiring me today:
Brady Cunningham's Home (source:
I have so many books that it is getting a little out of hand. So I am always looking for ways to turn my cluttered shelves into something more like an art installation. I currently have a white ceramic skull wearing a race day hat and little white ghost figurines (they're supposed to be salt and pepper shakers but whatever)

source: tumblr
The never ending search for the perfect black heels and the perfect black cigarette pants. This lady just nailed it.

source: tumblr
I wish I could ride a bike to work everyday... No chance as I work miles from where I live and in potentially the least bicycle-friendly city on earth.

source: no idea
I want to dress like Amelia Earhart. This version. Not the big-fluffy-collared Burberry interpretation.

source: tumblr
Hermes. Be still my beating heart.


  1. I sometimes despair over the images I have saved up as well. These are lovely - those black heels are fierce, and impossibly high for me to ever pull off gracefully, but one can dream.

  2. I love high heels - the taller the better - however my podiatrist is about to cut my feet off in frustration so I'm restricted to flats for the rest of winter. Sigh.

  3. i'm glad i'm not the only one obsessively hoarding tons of hopelessly gorgeous inspiration pics from the internet on my desktop. i am a total high heel wimp though. i do love the sharp edge of those pumps. if i had a personal driver and never had to walk much anywhere, i'd wear heels a lot more! ;)

  4. I used to be a wimp too because towering over my friends (both male and female) like a giraffe in a room full of deer made me feel so exposed! Haha. But now I have such a tall boyfriend I am much more relaxed about it. And my posture is better. And I find being able to drive myself to work now has made it much easier to get about in heels too. Trains + Stilettos = Disaster!

  5. Lovely inspiration images. I love a pair of high heels.

    I too have been wanting to bike, but I'm nervous about biking in NYC. It seems terrifying.

  6. Totally with you there Lindsay... I'm terrified of falling under a bus!


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