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28 July 2011


image source: why so sad blog

Next time I say I want to buy something on eBay feel free to cut off my hands and confiscate my credit cards. That’s right, I got scammed. Big time. Remember this post? Well all my excitement turned to dust and unmitigated cursing once the bag arrived. It was fake. All my careful planning and messages too and fro with the seller were meaningless: the receipt was genuine, the bag was not. As far as I can tell this unscrupulous person carried around a fake Celine luggage tote until they could afford to purchase a real one then promptly flogged the fake one off to little old me with the receipt from the real one in order to cover the cost. It is all I can do to not insert a string of expletives here. (Be assured that should we meet in person I will slip expletives into my sentences as casually as a drunken sailor. It’s a bad habit.) Well, anyway, that eBay seller can kiss my nether end because today Paypal fully refunded my money. So at least there is a semi-happy ending.


  1. At least you got your money back!

  2. DEFINITELY leave negative feedback to warn other potential buyers - if enough people leave feedback mentioning counterfeits, the seller will have their account banned. (at which time they will just open another one in a new name, but you do what you can!)

  3. ooooh that's such a letdown. thank goodness for paypal's stellar buyer protection policy. what goes around comes around though. the seller will get hers eventually.

  4. i'm glad you got your money back! but still it's no fun to go through the whole process.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear this. It's so disheartening. Definitely leave negative feedback in the comments section. I'm so glad you got your money back. Paypal really does have a great buyer protection policy. Thank goodness.

  6. That is so unfortunately and I'm glad you didn't suffer a loss, except one of disappointment.


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