Know first who you are and then adorn yourself accordingly - Epictetus

30 June 2011

My Jolly Sailor Bold

Apologies for being such a useless blogger recently, I have been totally snowed under and a little lacking in inspiration. *Sigh* I was also out of the office last week at a trade show for work and seeing as though I do most of my blogging from there I just haven’t found the time – my family, god bless them, is extremely nosy and this little project is just for me, as silly as that seems.

My outfits have been really pared back recently. Today I’m wearing my favourite Breton top, a black cardigan and a grey double breasted blazer. It’s freezing so I also have an enormous black pashmina wrapped around me. As far as pants go, like Lin I also recently pulled out a pair of old favourites in the jeans department. I have a cupboard full of jeans, I love them and I will live in them until I die. While they are mostly standard colours and styles, some pairs are special. A few years ago I had to fly to London at very late notice for a family funeral and in order to distract myself I went shopping. It was the first time I discovered Uniqlo and their multicoloured denim was a revelation. Not because of the bright colours but because of the slightly washed out and vintage-esque treatment of the denim. I bought a pink pair and a purple pair and wore them to death with simple white tees and black/leopard print ballets all summer. The time in which I was wearing these jeans was a bit of a style revolution for me, I cut my waist length hair into a pixie bob and stopped wearing anything remotely girly in an effort to finally define my own self and my own style. I had wanted to dress more androgynously for a while but was afraid of the backlash, in the end I decided that anyone who wanted to poke fun and call me a dyke just wasn’t worth listening to anyway.
House Hunting on the Rive Gauche

These two pairs of jeans were my uniform for a whole season and it felt a bit strange to wear the pink ones again today, like I was slipping a bit back into my insecure old self, unsure of how people would react to my style statement. It’s funny though, when I wore them the first time I got hardly any comments about the colour – my uni was in a very bohemian part of the city so I was dressed rather tamely – but now in an office situation all I have heard is: “Wow, pink pants”. Thankfully it was mostly followed by: “Cool” or “I really like them”. I guess after 10 months my co-workers are finally coming to terms with my dress sense – the leather shorts raised the most eyebrows – and I am eternally grateful that I work in a professional environment that embraces everything from suits to pink jeans and battered biker boots.

What have you guys dug up recently that brings back memories, good or bad?

 PS. the title is because I saw Pirates 4 last night. Love the mermaids! Oh and I tried to post this yesterday but Blogger freaked out.


  1. I really love the idea of pink/colorful denim! I haven't really been able to unearth anything since I'm living out of my suitcase, but I've recently been loving this St. John black skirt that I bought a few years ago for the Democratic Convention. I remember I was so freaked out about what I was going to wear, because I was in college and NOTHING was appropriate for the occasion. I was also going to be sitting with a state senator (actually my best friend's dad but, still, state senator), so the hot pants were a big no-no. Plus, Pres. Clinton was there. I found the skirt at a consignment shop for 40 dollars. I remember I bought the skirt, but only wore it for the Democratic Convention because I felt like the skirt was too prudish. I now know that I was completely wrong and I dressed like an idiot back in college haha.

  2. Hahaha don't you love those moments? Something you used to hate is suddenly revealed as the most gorgeous classic piece ever... and you then wear it non stop. I have had plenty of those! But wow, the convention would have been so incredible. Being Australian, all the election stuff you guys do is fascinating because we don't have anything like it over here.

  3. Haha that convention turned into the biggest cat fight ever thanks to the upcoming election for state governor--and three candidates for the Democratic nomination. Every candidate got on stage to talk about their campaign, and ran a brief ad. One of the ads was basically trashing another candidate, and that candidate got boo-ed; grudges were held; pigtails got pulled; etc etc. That's basically the state of American politics. My best friend's father was probably the only candidate left unscathed so he unsurprisingly got the Democratic nomination a few months later.

  4. La Fille mal Gardée- I'm glad you're posting again! I love the idea of pink/colorful denim. I haven't tried it yet, but I see girls all over the city wearing this and it looks refreshing.

    I love that you work in an environment that embraces all types of looks. Everyone should wear what they want and feel comfortable in. I'm going to do a post on office dressing because I have one colleague that constantly picks on my work attire (which is always very polished) and body type. It's sad because this woman is twice my age! So, I love when people can wear what they want without feeling harassed.

    PS- I love that taupe nail polish- so pretty!

  5. I love stories like these, thanks for sharing them. I work in a pretty chill office where anything goes as well, but I've been so casual that whenever I show up in a dress, it provokes the comment: "Going on a date tonight?" I can't blame them...

  6. Lindsay - That's awful! She is just a jealous cow because you're so obviously a lovely person with an impeccable dress sense. And how on earth could she pick on your body?? That's horrendous. I don't work for the greatest place on earth - don't start me on the pay grading - but the nice people and the relaxed attitude to office attire are definite bonuses. PS. the nail polish is great! I definitely recommend it as when it chips a little it is barely noticeable. I hate chips! :)

    Lin - Aww thanks :) I was a little nervous about over-sharing. I used to get the same reaction from my dad when I wore a dress - I was definitely a casual girl. Haha


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