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3 April 2011

Ditto on the Obsession

Despite lusting after this particular beauty trend for a few years - it seems to be one of those very cyclical trends that are declared new again every time - I was finally inspired by the lovely 312 to give it a go. Needless to say I instantly fell in love. It actually goes quite well with my almost monochromatic wardrobe and is a nicely summery touch to my outfits - a good match for our unseasonably warm April weather.

I went a little crazy with the matching nails, something I do rarely, but I had just  rediscovered this pot of colour in my drawer and it was a perfect match for my new Mac 'Girl About Town' lippie.

I think I'm in love.

please excuse the dodgy setting/weird claw hand/bad light


  1. The lips and nails look great! Bold lipsticks (especially pink) really go well with monochromatic's such an easy way to mix things up!

  2. Thanks! Wore it again today with a black/taupe combo. Loving it :)


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