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14 April 2011

Wardrobe 101

 In an effort to organise my rapidly-descending-into-chaos wardrobe I have been busily dividing it into two sections: classics and trends. These are then divided by item type. Can you tell I’m a Virgo? Depending on my passion for a particular garment these can be very large or very small selections. 

By far the biggest is my blazer section. Given my uniform of skinny jeans, white tees and heels/boots/ballets (depending on the weather and/or occasion), I find my blazers are indispensible when it comes to dressing up an outfit and adding some interest. Given the neutral colours of most of my collection I will also team them with a bright silky scarf.

The scarves are an interesting feature of my wardrobe. I used to be a necklace girl. I was never seen without at least one or two brightly beaded necklaces and often contrasting bangles too. But three or four years ago I suddenly segued into scarves – brights, patterns, scenes, you name it I have it – and I wear them like jewellery to add colour to my outfits. Now, if my friends see me without a scarf they get worried that something is terribly wrong. Although I still have all my beads, I really need to sell them because they are packed away in a box and never ever used.

So, anyway, the pic shows my blazers. The camel and the check are new additions, both from Zara. The camel is ‘inspired’, shall we say, by Stella McCartney-style tailoring, while the check satisfies my urge to dress like a modern-day Laird in cream trousers, white shirt, said blazer, wellies and a silver stag’s head brooch. (I often wonder which fashion planet I was actually born on – my parents’ love of period BBC dramas seems to have had an interesting effect on my sartorial development.)

The jacaranda-coloured blazer is a lightweight summery one that comes out when I feel the need to be bright and cheerful. I also have an electric pink pin-stripe one that I forgot to photograph. It is eye searing-ly bright and only comes out if I am having a particularly good hair day because it is a serious “look-at-me” colour. It is still on the maybe list for eBay. We’ll see how it goes.

Is there a particular item of clothing that seems to collect in your wardrobe or is it just me?


  1. Blazers are so versatile and allow you to be put together instantly.

    I seem to collect a-line skirts... and black lipgloss/lipstick. If that counts.

  2. lipstick totally counts. i seem to collect mascaras too. haha

  3. Oh blazers certainly. I also repeat-buy Repettos and scent...

  4. ah yes, scent for sure! I have been wearing the same one since I was 16 but it's getting hard to find now :(

  5. So weird. I'm a Virgo too- and yesterday went a bought a new garment rack so I could put my basics on it, and keep the trend items on my other rack. haha!

    Black jackets are the thing I have to be careful of- leather, cropped, blazers, you name it. I accumulate them without even noticing.

  6. I'm a blazer collector myself. I have 2 navy ones (a single breast w/ silver buttons, and a DB with gold buttons--that I wear constantly), 1 grey chalk stripe, and about 1294702597 black ones. ;)

  7. I swear my black blazers are breeding in my wardrobe. I can't have actually bought that many :S


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