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27 April 2011

Holiday Hangover

Hello, everyone, apologies for the slight hiatus, I have been in Singapore visiting my brother and I am officially in love. With the country that is, not my brother. That would be weird. Ha. So I spent a week doing the following things:
Fois Gras Sandwiches at TWG

Fish Head Curry at The Banana Leaf Apolo

'Traditional' Tiger Beer at Any Random Street Corner

Chocolate Martini with Gold Dust and Chocolate Balls at the Swissotel

Getting Free Upgrades.
Our one night at Marina Bay we got upgraded to a suite with a giant marble bathroom and two (!!) living rooms. This was taken at breakfast time by the rooftop infinity pool.

Having My Feet Chewed By “Doctor Fish”.
I can't decide whether I loved it or hated it. But this is the leased blurred shot I could get as after this I was mobbed by fish and squirming so much they are all really blurry.

It was absolutely brilliant and Singapore now rates highest on my list of places I would love to live. (I still adore Paris but there is the whole language barrier thing.) I am very bummed to be back at work actually.

I managed to avoid any impulse buys, although there was a terrible lapse in my judgment when I decided that it was a good idea to go shopping in Zara after a seafood buffet (mmmmm… snow crabs) with free-flowing champagne (it was Mumm. We drank six bottles). All I can say is thank god for tiny Asian sizing because I walked out empty handed. Phew, that could have gotten UGLY!

I did, however, replace some jeans and basic tees that have worn out and bought 4 metres of the most amazing Japanese silk in black and royal purple for a teeny S$24. Although my favourite purchase is this: a Moleskine Passions Notebook to help me organise my wardrobe even better.

Which I hilarious considering my passion is actually for notebooks… but they don’t make a notebook about notebooks just yet.

And as an even better surprise I came home to this post on my favourite blog. I am supremely chuffed to win, especially since some of the other comments sounded like truly divine smells. I’m still waiting for mine to be bottled so I can wear it every day.

How was everyone else’s Easter break… if you had one?

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