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10 April 2011

Leather Shorts as Work Wear

I never thought that I would ever have the courage to walk out of the house in leather shorts let alone rock them at work, but in this weird hot/cold and sunny/rainy weather we've been suffering I've found my DIY'd shorts indispensable, along with my faux-leather ra-ra skirt. I'm lucky in that my job doesn't come with a dress code, I just need to look neat and presentable... although a few time the publisher has looked at me funny (she would raise an eyebrow but her latest round of botox/eye-lift has pretty much nixed that option from her repertoire.)

Today my inspiration is from an editorial in Turkish Elle of all places - I will post a pic on my inspiration board soon - but I added black tights because it is starting to get cold in the mornings. The jacket is Zara and has awesome suede elbow patches. I feel very Doctor Who ;)

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