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5 April 2011

An Announcement

I have an announcement to make – in case the title didn’t clue you in – I am now a very proud aunt to my second niece :) The new little treasure was born to my oldest brother and his wife yesterday morning and I cannot tell you how excited I am.

I am very much looking forward to making her as vain about her appearance and as style-conscious as I am ;) My sister-in-law has already blamed me for their three-year-old daughter’s love of clothes and accessories. Too cute. But now I am feeling the pressure to be the cool young aunt who is super stylish ;) …I am already planning to kidnap them when they are a little older and take them to Paris.

Anyway, above is the outfit I am wearing to celebrate my new status as an aunt of two – still rocking the bright lip/nail combo hence the subdued colour palate. The top is one of the ones I picked up in the aforementioned shopping mission. I found it in the old lady section of my favourite department store. It’s just their house brand but it is a good quality comfy cotton top. Tick new wardrobe essential.


  1. Congrats on the new addition! I love that outfit. Simple and chic.

  2. Congratulations! Old lady sections are so great- The tops tend to have nice boxy shapes and they are never overpriced. Almost all the thrift store tops I've bought were originally from Millers. haha

  3. thanks girls :)

    ash: too funny, I am now a total DJs convert :)


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