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30 March 2011

Picnic in the Jardin du Luxembourg

This will be my outfit for tomorrow because tonight I am shopping for item number 4 on the 4-5 Seasonal Items purchase index - as well as some basic black 3/4 sleeve tops - to go with pretty much everything I own.

-leather skirt
-leather shorts
-black loafers
-3/4 sleeve red and navy Breton tops

As to what my plan is for item 5 I have an idea but nothing concrete yet. I have things to consider.


  1. I totally love it

  2. Love the Breton tops! Oh, did you get the Dicker boots?

  3. I just found your blog and love it! Since I just read a post about white t-shirts being a staple of yours: which brand do you recommend? They're a staple of mine too and I had stocked up a couple of years but now I need replacements and the only ones I see out there are of flimsy quality or don't have a nice crewneck style (my preferred cut) Would love to hear your advice!

  4. Comment love ♥

    polliani: thanks!

    garderoben: I wish! they would be my one designer shoe purchase but my size disappeared super fast. the curse of big feet :( I did however get a very similar pair of taupe booties from a local brand that I love to death and they are all leather too.

    sog19b: awww thanks for the love! I buy uniqlo supima cotton tees in v-neck but I'm pretty sure they do crew necks too. I find that they are the perfect thickness - not too thin - and that the quality is better than some of the pricier brands I have tried. but it really is an individual thing, I know people that swear by bassike (an Australian brand) and their jersey tees but I find them a little thin for my liking. hope that helps!

  5. Great ensemble. It's comfy and casual but still chic. The Chanel flap is also my holy grail of handbags so awesome choice. I have a hard time figuring out what to pair stripes with but you've made it look so effortless.

  6. hello sartorial nerd :) the stripes thing is easy, just put them with everything. haha. my wardrobe is predominantly black, white, red and navy so I just mix and match the lot. anyway, that amazing pink skirt in your polyvore would look great with a pale gray stripe tee - loving the video game characters btw.

  7. Thanks! I have lots of unique, brightly colored, difficult to match pieces in my wardrobe so mixing and matching is harder than it should be. I definitely need to streamline my closet so I have a more cohesive wardrobe.


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