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20 March 2011

My Style Resolution 2011

Paris By Day

Inspired by posts by the lovely ladies from the blogs Dead Fleurette, 312 and Miss Moll Cherie I have been busily creating a list of things I need to fill the gaps in my slowly reforming wardrobe of staple items. The key theme that runs through these lists is the wish to develop a style akin to that of the famously – and unattainably – chic French woman. Having been lucky enough to spend a fair amount of time in Paris observing these rare creatures – though not as much time as Fleurette the lucky thing – I have been trying totally unsuccessfully to try and emulate their style.

But all I have managed to achieve in the ensuing years since this self-declared war on bad styling is a wardrobe of random non-matching items that looking like they were collected together by a schizophrenic monkey on acid. Not a pretty sight.

I think I have what I would here-by like to coin Chain-Store-Tourettes. This condition is a neurological disorder characterised by recurrent ill-timed clothing purchases often involving a random and meaningless selection of items that were, variously: on sale, in a magazine or on that hot girl seen via a street style blog.

But no more! I have hereby decided that this will be my year of getting my shit under control!

*insert drumroll*

I will not do the following things:
-purchase random items without being able to name at least 5 outfits I can build it into
-acquire more than 4-5 key items for the season
-incessantly buy ‘basics’ when I have a draw full of spare tees already (this is because my chosen favourite white tee brand does not ship to my country so I stocked up last time I was near said store)
-seek to obtain anymore shoes unless I break a staple favourite beyond repair

The only safe way to combat CST is cold-turkey my friends!

No more shops. No more shopping to combat boredom. No more random spending.

We’ll see how it goes.

In the meantime I am in the process of accumulating a list of items for my newly French-y-fied wardrobe for which I will need to save up (hopefully much easier now that I will not be wasting my money):

The List

-White Silk Shirt by Equipment
-Classic Trench Coat by Burberry
-Taupe Bottines by Isabel Marant
-Breton Stripe Tops by Saint James
-Black Cropped Pants by Isabel Marant

I’m sure I will think of more things to add to the list as this crazy caper continues.

Until then adieu!


  1. Oh, i'm so happy you commented on my blog. I don't have time to peruse your archive right now but I will do it asap!!

  2. thanks for looking, i love your blog :) i've only been at it for a few days here so nothing to see yet really, but i promise there is lots to come!


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