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24 March 2011

Designer Shoe Fail

Don’t worry this is not a story about my shoes falling apart and some evil corporation refusing to replace them, this is a post that is more about a personal failing when it comes to shoes. The fact is: I am incapable of buying designer shoes. I cannot bring myself to do it.

But the thing is I love shoes. When my brother moved out his wardrobe became a repository for my collection, all very neatly stacked in boxes. I do have too many shoes – it’s why I cannot do minimalism – but shoes make me happy. When I’m lacking confidence a pair of wacking great skyscraper heels puts the spring – well, sway in the very least – back into my step. My well-curated selection of heels are all classically shaped but in interesting leathers, textures and, occasionally, colours because I do not do “one season” hype accessories. And paired with jeans, a white tee and a blazer they are outfit heaven.

But I digress.

While I was at uni doing my, seemingly never-ending, degree I worked in a few shoe shops. So, it’s fair to say that I know a lot about shoes – how they’re constructed, how the materials wear and what to avoid. I also know how cheap they are to manufacture. Granted, I did not work in a luxury store but I worked for the company that owned one of the premier designer shoe stores in my city. No shoe that can be offered to employees at a standard across the board 40% reduction everyday is worth paying retail for. And I’m talking brands like Miu Miu.

Don’t get me wrong, I most emphatically do not buy cheap shoes. But the most I will ever pay is $300. Bags on the other hand, are a totally different story… but they don’t slosh around in the dirt and grime in my city (I don’t work in the nicest/cleanest part of town as my company enjoys the cheap rent… just down the road from our local maximum security prison).

Couple my location with the fact that my current place of abode means at least a $200 price hike if I buy local or exorbitant postage and import charges if I go to NAP. Lucky me.

But buying from non-designer brands does not mean I have lower standards, I am incredibly like Fluerette in as much as I refuse to buy anything synthetic – except the soles and I have come to learn which brands have acceptable soles and which do not – because my feet need to breathe and synthetic lining is like walking around with my feet in their own little private saunas. Ick.

Oh and please let it be noted that I am horribly jealous of everyone else's beautiful shoe collections - especially those Isabel Marant boots. I really wish I didn't have this problem.

So how do you all feel about shoes, designer or otherwise? And, just because it's Friday, here is some shoe porn from my collection:

I will get off my ass and actually take some pics of my stuff soon I promise :)

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  1. I'm quite the opposite! I can spend more on shoes than anything else, maybe a bag, but I rarely bag bags. When I find a shoe, or more likely boots, that I really love, I can spend at least $500. I don't do it very often. When I take my shoes to my cobbler to get protective soles, he always gets excited about the quality, so I think/hope that there's a reason for the price tag. At least with Hope boots, I don't know if you've heard of them, but they make great shoes! I usually wear my shoes for many years, and hardly ever get tired of the ones I love.

  2. I saw your Hope boots, very nice! I agree that there must be something to the quality otherwise who would bother? But I have tracked down a few local brands that do great quality without such a high price... though I may have to bite the bullet for a pair of Marant booties... ;)


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