Know first who you are and then adorn yourself accordingly - Epictetus

31 March 2011

image via fashion tidbits

I'm really not very well suited to my nationality. I really don't fit into the Australian stereotype of bronzed beach babe. I don't do bikinis, short shorts or thongs. And I especially don't do tanning - fake or otherwise. I am extremely happy to deny my roots and so remain pale and cancer free :)

I really am quite on the French side of the equation, except for the point about women-as-competition. Not my thing. Hermes scarves on the other hand... haha. 

I hope you are all having as lazy a Friday afternoon as me?


  1. I have to say that the French way appeals to me more much more (except the other women part), the Australian look is too boho/hippy/beacy/relaxed for me. Plus the Australian look only work somewhere warm or in the summer and I live in a country with four seasons so I think the french style is much more adaptable. But then again I am going on a holiday soon so I really wouldnt mind a pair of shorts and some nice bikinis:)


  2. Wow, I like where it says "As little jewelry as possible.. et cetera". It' so true. People tend to look very cheap when wearing piles of accessories. I rely on my gold necklace and I'm planning to invest in a Cartier, IWC or Omega wrist watch when I get older – that way, I don't really need any accessories. I only wear the best I can afford.

    French manicure on the other hand, I've never seen it in Paris.. people do Chanel rouge noir or lotus rouge there, mostly.. French manicure is more an American thing, I suppose.

  3. I think I'm more on the French side of the list too- generally because I'm ridiculously pale and covered in freckles, which results in me being scared of the sun and unsightly in a bikini. I live in Ballarat, which is definitely not warm- I would look ridiculous dressing in that "Australian" style all the time.

    This list is a great find, I enjoyed reading it :) Unlike you though, I can't stand Hermes scarves!

  4. hehe, it's really interesting reading everyone's opinions about the "french look" and "the aussie look". i do both but i try not to do them at the same time ;P

  5. meri: ugh you're so right about the seasons! it is 21degrees celcius today and i celebrated by wearing tights with my shorts! haha. agreed on the boho thing too, i just look wrong in floaty layers.

    fleurette: the cartier tank watch is one of my faves but i think i like the hermes cape cod a little better. the face is super minimal. i laughed at the french manicure thing too, i have only every seen aussies or americans do it.

    ash: i thought you were a melbournite when i first saw your blog - close! - and yes it is colder where you are. but i cannot understand girls who get around in sun dresses 365 days. it weirds me out. oh and i am a scarf addict. vintage, hermes, feragamo, sportsgirl... you name it i have one! i feel naked without them :)

    fashion tidbits: thanks so much for posting it, it really is an interesting comparison considering how many aussie girls identify with the stereotyped "parisian-style"

  6. I WAS a Melbournite, just moved to Ballarat for work. I'm there almost every weekend though :) You wouldn't think it, but Ballarat is horrendous when it comes to little dresses and fake tan.

  7. Ah-ha! I knew it :) you're way to stylish to be from Ballarat. Jokes ;) My parents are from a small town in rural NSW and seriously they have the same problem. But at least they have a beach - not that the water ever goes above 17degrees.

  8. "Dark sunglasses-for hiding a multitude of sins" haha so true.


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