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29 March 2011

A Night Out

A Night at the Opéra Garnierlafillemalgardee

So I have an important anniversary coming up and I have already been told what my gift is… a night at Marina Bay Sands, this incredible hotel complex in Singapore... yeah that is a boat on top:

And it has this amazing infinity pool on the aforementioned boat:

Not that I will be getting in said pool... merely perching decoratively beside it while drinking cocktails.

Of course the most important thing on my mind right now is what I am going to wear. Not being from Singapore myself – we will be there over Easter to visit my brother – I have no tolerance for the heat. That rules out a mini skirt as I would only wear it with tights. I wanted something ‘casual-glam’… as if such a thing exists! And, as I am following my self-imposed plan to only buy a few key items per season, I was unwilling to go on a panic shop and buy something stupidly expensive that I would only wear once.

It turns out the answer was quite simple. Inspired by A Pair And A Spare I am now part way to making the gorgeous skirt in the image above (albeit without the pleats) from some beautiful silk I purchased at a designer end-of-roll fabric outlet. I am going to team it with my uniform staple white tee and, inspired by that Jil Sander runway, a pop of hot pink lipstick and my favourite summery hot pink nail polish. Add to that my mother’s vintage grey croc clutch, a pair of silver ballets and a simple silver cuff and I am good to go.

Elegant. Casual. Minimal. I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of this DIY. What more could a girl wish for?

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