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30 March 2011


Where exactly does one find the perfect blue shirt to wear into worn-in perfection?

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  1. perhaps you'll have to wear it in yourself, regretfully. i find ralph lauren makes really nice Oxford shirts for men. but the fit doesn't suit me. maybe brooks brothers is a good bet as well. i've always found nice inexpensive blue oxfords at Uniqlo and Muji! their small men's sizes work quiet well for women.

  2. unfortunately i think you're right... short of having my bf wear it in for me. haha. i like Uniqlo but i hadn't considered Muji... thanks for the tip :)

  3. The closest I've found is at a thrift store- it's true though, they are usually men's sizes and far too big :(

  4. I know what you mean asha! I'm very tempted to buy an old man's one and cut it down to size. not sure how it would work though... we shall see!

  5. you could try shopping in the boy's department. As lin mentions I'm planning on buying some from Brooks Bros next month.

  6. Unfortunately being rather well endowed in the chest area means that by the time I get them to fit I look like I'm wearing pyjamas :( I am investigating getting them taken in on the shoulders etc though... I'll keep you posted :)


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